BONE token swap & 99% supply reduction Migration from ERC20 to BEP20

DogData has listened to our community and decided to swap the BONE token from the ERC20 blockchain protocol to the BEP20 blockchain protocol to lower transaction/gas costs. At the same time, DogData is reducing the total BONE token supply by 99%.

BONE smart contract

Ticker name: BONE

Circulating supply: 10,000,000

Smart contract: 0x67915e893b68fbc436a288564fff1476b632b009

BSC scan:

Lower gas costs

  • BEP20 has much lower costs per transaction/gas costs.
  • Lower transaction costs increase the trading frequency for BONE tokens.
  • Lower transaction costs increase the market liquidity for BONE tokens.
  • Increase safety as owners can move BONE tokens from exchanges to their private wallets.

99% reduction in BONE supply

  • The total circulating supply of BONE tokens will be reduced by 99% from 1,000,000,000 BONE tokens to 10,000,000 BONE tokens.
  • 99% of the ERC20 BONE in treasury and team wallets will be burned and will not be swapped to BEP20 BONE.
  • The reduction in BONE tokens will

Increase trust

  1. Reduce risks of team/project dumps
  2. Provide enhanced transparency

1 to 1 swap ratio

  • 1 ERC20 BONE = 1 BEP20 BONE
  • Any ERC20 BONE can be swapped to BEP20 BONE

Automatic swap

  • All ERC20 BONE on the following exchanges will be automatically swapped to BEP20 BONE
  1. Bitforex
  2. Hotbit

We are still in discussions with Probit to enable the same automatic swap.

Manual swap

  • Any ERC20 BONE held in private wallets can be swapped to BEP20 BONE


  • Transfer ERC20 BONE to treasury wallet


  • Send the etherscan transaction record and BEP20 wallet information on telegram to @DDGoalCFO
  • New BEP20 BONE will then be sent to your wallet

Planned token economics


29th of October. Bitforex swap

. Hotbit swap

. Manual swap

1st of November. Pancakeswap liquidity pool

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