BONE token swap & 99% supply reduction Migration from ERC20 to BEP20

BONE smart contract

Lower gas costs

  • BEP20 has much lower costs per transaction/gas costs.
  • Lower transaction costs increase the trading frequency for BONE tokens.
  • Lower transaction costs increase the market liquidity for BONE tokens.
  • Increase safety as owners can move BONE tokens from exchanges to their private wallets.

99% reduction in BONE supply

  • The total circulating supply of BONE tokens will be reduced by 99% from 1,000,000,000 BONE tokens to 10,000,000 BONE tokens.
  • 99% of the ERC20 BONE in treasury and team wallets will be burned and will not be swapped to BEP20 BONE.
  • The reduction in BONE tokens will
  1. Reduce risks of team/project dumps
  2. Provide enhanced transparency

1 to 1 swap ratio

  • 1 ERC20 BONE = 1 BEP20 BONE
  • Any ERC20 BONE can be swapped to BEP20 BONE

Automatic swap

  • All ERC20 BONE on the following exchanges will be automatically swapped to BEP20 BONE
  1. Bitforex
  2. Hotbit

Manual swap

  • Any ERC20 BONE held in private wallets can be swapped to BEP20 BONE
  • Transfer ERC20 BONE to treasury wallet
  • Send the etherscan transaction record and BEP20 wallet information on telegram to @DDGoalCFO
  • New BEP20 BONE will then be sent to your wallet

Planned token economics



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